Activated Charcoal Pizza Is Now a Thing Foodies Are Loving It!

Pizza Express Charcoal Pizza
Charcoal Pizza – Pizza Express

There’s a new foodie trend on the rise, behold: the charcoal pizza, a dark-crusted, low-carb, guilt-free twist to everyone’s favourite comfort food now infused with charcoal.

We can thank the Italians for Instagram’s latest craze where we caught whiff of the trend back in Italy, but it’s now spread to places like Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, the UK, Canada and now in Malaysia.

Want to try it right in your own backyard? Our store in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya is serving this delicious dish. Not only is charcoal safe (and yummy!) to eat, but it offers impressive health perks, as well.

“Activated charcoal has been used to treat poisonings for years, but only recently has it been added to food, drinks, and cosmetics,” says Billie, spokes-person of Pizza Express. “It is reputed to aid digestion, reduce gas and bloating, and absorb toxins in the body.”

While it’s true that charcoal can prevent poisons from being absorbed in the body, it can also inhibit important nutrients from being absorbed, too. (For those on a health kick, you might want to try these healthy pizza choices, instead.)

Nutritional doubts aside, if you’re looking to satisfy your pizza craving, be sure to make the charcoal pizza your next delivery order.