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Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza by Pizza Express

WHAT MAKES CHICAGO-STYLE PIZZA UNIQUE? Pizza took on its modern form more than 100 years [...]

Vegan Menu Introduced By Pizza Express

Pizza Express is offering Vegan Menu take-away and delivery options till 3AM in Malaysia. Eating [...]

Pizza Express Launches The First Pizza-Burger in Malaysia

The Mashup Of Your Dreams’ “Pizza-Burger” Pizza Express Malaysia has introduced its Pizza Burger to [...]

Activated Charcoal Pizza Is Now a Thing Foodies Are Loving It!

There’s a new foodie trend on the rise, behold: the charcoal pizza, a dark-crusted, low-carb, [...]

Online Food Delivery the Future of Malaysian Food Industry?

Restaurants are scrambling to adjust as Online Delivery Services innovate the dining landscape across major [...]