Online Food Delivery the Future of Malaysian Food Industry?

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Pizza Express Online Food Delivery Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia

Restaurants are scrambling to adjust as Online Delivery Services innovate the dining landscape across major cities.

Online delivery service platforms is placing their heels into the Malaysian market and they’re changing the restaurant business. Our eating habits in a way that hasn’t been seen since fast-food was introduced in Malaysia during the ’70s.

“When we speak to our customers, we find the majority didn’t order food delivery a year ago,” says Billie Paxton, Service Manager for Pizza Express, one of the latest upcoming online delivery services. “Now we are finding out that most of our customers are using our online delivery services at least once or twice a week.”

After its massive surge, Malaysia’s online delivery market is beginning to mature and restaurants and delivery providers are stepping back.  They are exploring ways their industries can grow in a sustainable and profitable way. You can’t have a food delivery industry without physical restaurants, right?

These new food delivery services aren’t just delivering two-for-Tuesday specials with a garlic bread and a Coke. (although there’s certainly a lot of pizza, burgers and fried chicken in those heaving backpacks on the delivery-bike riders) But various crafty meals from across various continents that traditionally wouldn’t have touched the delivery market with a 10-foot bread stick.

“It’s a service that our customers are asking for,” says Billie. If they choose to order a meal to be delivered to their home, we’d like our restaurants and menus to be front of mind.

The establishment has seen a steady rise in its sales since its launch in August 2017. All measures to upgrade workforce and equipment to support the increasing orders are currently being considered by the management.


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