Order Food Online – How To?

online food order

How Can I Order Food Online?

Pizza Express makes it easy to order food online. All you need is an internet connection. Visit our website on your device and choose Delivery or Takeaway button right at the top and your desired pizza, wings, or tasty pasta will be prepared fresh-to-order!

You can also order Pizza Express food online using your internet-connected tablet or mobile device. Just open up a web browser on your device and visit our website at www.pizzaexpress.com.my. You’ll see red and green buttons that says DELIVERY or TAKEAWAY right at the top of the page as soon as it loads. Click it and follow the prompts to order food according to your desire and you’ll have our full menu selections right at your fingertips.

If you use a any other devices such as a smart-TV or even a smart-watch, the Pizza Express website allows you to conveniently order all the pizza, wing, dessert and pasta you want no matter where you are in Klang Valley. Within the website, you can select from our Premium Pizzas or even build your own. Either way, it’s quick and easy! Once the order is placed you will receive telephone call and/or email to update the order status.

Tracking Your Food Order

Don’t waste a minute wondering what happened after you decided to order food online. With Pizza Express, you can track your order from the moment it’s placed by using the Pizza Express Tracker. It’s just one of the many reasons customers trust Pizza Express experts to deliver their online food order. Alternatively if you have any concerns regarding your ordering or delivery, you can find ways to contact us on Contact Us page. All calls will be handled directly by the delivery team to ensure all your concerns are resolved.