Pizza Express Launches The First Pizza-Burger in Malaysia

Pizza Burgers

The Mashup Of Your Dreams’ “Pizza-Burger”

Pizza Express Malaysia has introduced its Pizza Burger to celebrate Malaysians’ love for burgers. The pizza-burger will be launched starting today. For its latest food mashup “Pizza Burger” is burger-sized, but features a full personal pizza dough filled with juicy in-store made Quarter-Pound (~110 grams) burger patties, tangy onions, ripe tomatoes and melted cheddar & mozzarella cheese baked in a high temperature stone-oven.

According to Billy Paxton, Senior Manager of Pizza Express Malaysia, the company takes pride in offering “the Malaysian favourites’”.

Pizza Express’ Pizza-Burger was inspired from the mouth-watering local burger’s sold by local vendors” he said.

Moving forward, Pizza Express is said to continuously seek to bring excitement to its menu with choices of meals that cater to the tastes of its diverse and rapidly increasing customer demographic base. The Pizza Express’ Pizza-Burger will be joining the ranks of other all-time local favourites, which include the Pizzas, Pastas and the very popular Express Wings.

“By introducing a new, must-try item like this, they get people in the door,” Billiy said. “Even if the item is somewhat niche, it gets people, groups of friends and families to purchase additional products as well and reminds guests of that restaurant as a meal option.” In 2018, many customers need that type of incentive to visit a chain. In an extremely competitive industry, fast-food and food-tech startups need whatever edge they can get especially when you’re rapidly growing.

In addition, Pizza Express Malaysia is also creating a range of flavours in its desserts menu, something to watch out for in coming weeks.