Vegan Menu Introduced By Pizza Express


Pizza Express is offering Vegan Menu take-away and delivery options till 3AM in Malaysia.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for human health. Plants are awesome energy source for our bodies and minds. Plus, eating plant-based meals can truly impact blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes for the better.

Gone are the days when vegans & vegetarians have to settle for cheese-less pies — at least in Klang Valley, Malaysia. With toppings like plant-based pepperoni, smoked sausage and mozzarella cheese, Pizza Express’ vegan pizza game makes it extremely hard for the meat-and-dairy-free to end up stuck with bland bread-sticks. While the availability of vegan pies are rather extensive, there are also other vegan menu options such as the vegan lasagna and pizza burger. The new launch makes Pizza Express one of the first pizza company in Malaysia to offer vegan pizzas’. Chick Fest, Bombay Chicken, Magic Mushroom, Ultimate Hawaiian, Smoked Sausage, Pepperoni & Mushroom are some of the variety which will feature with the new vegan mozzarella cheese.

Plant-based and vegetarian food was perceived to be either boring or tantalizing to the palate. It all depends on the method and the combination or absence of exciting sauces and spices. If encouraging veganism is an aim and you are new to cooking or still honing your meatless skills, contracting a meal delivery service like Pizza Express for the occasion is an excellent way to ensure guests tuck into a wide array of delectable dishes.

Across Asia, consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the impact of animal products on their health, the planet, and the animals. “The popularity and demand for, plant-based or meatless products has increased considerably over the years and we intend to contribute to this growing global awareness of eating healthy and, when you eat more plants you’re impacting the future of the planet for the better. A plant-based diet reduces your carbon footprint, saves water, and limits carbon emissions.” said Billie, the spokesperson for Pizza Express in Malaysia.